Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Preschool Crafts and Why They Are Important

Any mother of a preschooler or young school aged child knows how much they LOVE to create things.  A tent made out of pillows and blankets, a castle made out of a big box, a stuffed animal bed out of an Amazon box.   Little bits of paper glue on a paper and little collections perched on shelves and chairs and behind the sofa are all masterpieces. 

When my girl was young she would want to do these things with me.  Sometimes I would sit with her and draw a picture or color with her in her color books.  Sometimes I would set her up with markers and pencils and crayons and let her do it alone.  Looking back I wished I would have done a lot more of this with her.  Not because it was good for her fine motor skills or would help her hold a pencil correctly when she was school aged, but because what she really desired was connection… connection with her mama.

Working on projects from the craftkit.  Learn more here.

I came to realize that when I would give her 20 minutes of undivided time every day I would have more time to do the things that needed to be done.  When I filled her up, gave her my time, she was much more confident to do things on her own.  She could count on that 20 minutes each day with her mama, a time to create and talk. 

Crafting is about sitting together and creating something that’s never been created before.  For a preschooler, it’s putting your heart on a piece of paper.  It’s about the reaction you get from your mom or dad.  It’s about contributing to the family. 

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