Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Preschool Crafting Encourages Confidence

I've been working on little projects with my girl for years.  When she was 18 months I collected all sorts of little bits of this and that, strings, rickrack, paper scraps and had her arrange them on a piece of contact paper.  I framed this and violia ... Art!  Beautiful, handmade art.  It still graces our home and is a sweet reminder of times past. 

Over the years I've watched her confidence grow in her willingness to try things.  She enjoys mixing paints and discovering new colors, searches the house for little blocks and tape to add to her projects.  She understands that there isn't "perfect" art.  She understands that art is about the process. 

We want to encourage our children to make art.  It encourages risk taking, increases confidence, and aids in problem solving.  As our children are creating we want to gently guide them and encourage them.  When we sit with them while they are working it tells them that their work is important and that translates into ... You are important. 

So how about crafting with your child today.  If you need some project ideas, check out  Our craft boxes include all the materials you'll need to craft with your child all month.  We plan, shop, and send you a daily email outlining the daily craft.

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