Monday, March 17, 2014

Preschoolers Learning Lifelong Habits Now

I'll admit I've given in to a tantrum or two.  Yes, have one more cookie if you will stop whining.  Okay one more show if you'll stop asking.  Raising children is difficult and sometimes I just want to have an easy day.  Giving in may stop the complaining in the moment, but it doesn't do your child any good in the long run.  Really our roles as parents is to raise our children to be competent, thoughtful, responsible adults.  Our children will one day be adults and the way they relate to others will be directly correlated to the way they related to us.  If we let them cry or whine their way into what they want, they will learn that this is the way to get what your needs met.  We are their training ground. 

I've recently started putting my foot down and I was surprised by how quickly my preschooler responded.  I've stopped giving her choices. Yes, she still can make some choices, just not with everything.  Kids need boundaries, we all do.  Think of it this way... when you get a new job you want to know the rules of the company.  Can I take a two hour lunch or do I need to eat on campus?  Adults feel more comfortable knowing the expectation, certainly children more so.  Their growing brains can't make every decision.  They need responsible adults to make the decisions for them.  We decide what they eat to keep their growing bodies healthy.  We decide bedtimes as we understand their sleep needs.  My girl made the decision to dress head to toe in green today. She made the decision to wear her hair down.  She decided that she would paint an orange cat with a purple collar.  She still makes decisions but so do I.  Very quickly she learned that a tantrum or crying doesn't get her what she wants.  I know her future husband will thank me.
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